In this tutorial we are going to create a Fantasy Bottle World Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS5. You will learn how to create a beautiful collage of images to design a World in a Bottle photo montage.

Tutorial Details

Program: Photoshop CS5

Estimated Completion Time: 30 Minutes

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.

Now that we have everything we need, so let’s start!

Step 1 – Open your Photoshop and create a new file with 700px width and 1000px Height.

Step 2 – Now open the sky image mentioned above and paste it on our file.

Step 3 – Create a new layer, for this click on Layer> New> Layer. Now select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and create a rectangle in the middle. Then click on the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the rectangle with color # ffffff.

Step 4 – Now click on Filter> blue> Gaussian Blur.

Step 5 – Create a new layer and select soft round brush. Now simply use it to create a simple rainbow. You can use the colors of your choice. Once that is done change the blending mode of the layer to “Vivid Light”.

Step 6 – Now open the bottle image and paste it in the middle.

Step 7 – Now open the waterfall image and paste it over the bottle.

Step 8 – Now select the Eraser Tool and remove the edges of the image. So it can fit our bottle.

Step 9 – Now create a new layer and color the empty area under the waterfall with # 63bdf1. Now add the fish.

Step 10 – Open the Rock image and paste it on our bottle.

Step 11 – Select the Eraser Tool and Remove the edges of the rock image.

Step 12 – Open the city image and paste it on out bottle.

Step 13 – Once again select the eraser Tool and remove the edges of the image so it can fit our bottle.

Step 14 – Now open the Road image. And use the eraser tool to create the desired shape.

Step 15 – open the traffic light image and paste it above the road on the left side of the bottle.

Step 16 – Now duplicate the traffic light layer, right click on it and select Duplicate layer. This time place it on the right side of the road.

Step 17 – Open the car image, select is and scale it down.

Step 18 – Now duplicate the car layer and then click on Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation to change the color.

Step 19 – Repeat the same process and add another car.

Step 20 – Now select the Ellipse Tool and create a round. Fill it with # 63bdf1. Then change the blending mode to Overlay.

Step 21 – Click on Layer> Layer style> Pattern Overlay and add a bit of water pattern on it. Then click on Outer glow.

Step 22 – Now add the gold fishes.

Step 23 – Now simply duplicate the layer then scale them using Command/Ctrl + T and place them randomly around our bottle.

Step 24 – Create a new layer and place it under the bottle layer. Then select the soft round brush and use it on the top with color # 000b11.

Step 25 – Now select the galaxy and cloud brushes mentioned above and use them randomly on the dark area. Use colors # ffffff and # 002234 for this.

Step 26 – Now select thee eraser tool and remove the clouds from the bottle opening. And we are done.

Our “A Dream in a Bottle” photo manipulation is done, hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and learn something new.

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