Canva Mockups Tutorial

Learn how to create an image on a phone, T-shirt, bag, cup, laptop, monitor, etc using mockups in Canva.

Step 1: Log in to Canva. Click the ‘Create a Design’ button and choose from the given options eg. Instagram Post (Square) or start creating with a custom size.

Canva create a design Instagram Post square

Step 2: Select ‘Apps’ and then type ‘Mockups’ in the search box. Select the ‘Mockups’ App.

Canva Apps Mockups

Step 3: Scroll through the mockup options and select the one you want. Eg. Smartphone

Canva Mouckup options
Canva Mockups Smartphones
Canva Mockups Smartphone

Step 4: Drag the edges to resize the mockup

Resize Canva Mockup Smartphone

Step 5: Upload your image or find a photo from the elements. Eg. Click Elements and then search for ‘flowers’ then select ‘photos’.

Canva Elements flowers

Step 6: Drag the photo or uploaded graphic onto the mockup.

Drag photo onto canva smartphone mockup

Step 7: Congratulations! You’re done!! You can experiment with different mockup options as well.

Canva Bottle Mockup
Canva Laptop Mockup
Canva mockup sweatshirt

Hope you enjoyed working with Canva Mockups in Canva! All the best!

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