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Full-screen Video Background As A Website Design Trend

Full-screen video backgrounds have gained momentum as a trend in website design, as a natural result of the trend to full-screen background images.  Previously, the limitations of older browsers and the slow loading times of Flash videos prevented the smooth implementation of …

Fabulous Responsive JavaScript Animated Website Templates

Fabulous Responsive JavaScript Animated Website Templates

Check out Responsive JavaScript Animated Website Templates that are fully optimized for all possible layout options and screen resolutions. They have great designs and new capabilities, but the main characteristic feature is their resolution flexibility that enables you to enter to the website from any possible device.

Each Responsive JavaScript Animated Website Template has four primary layouts:
* Desktop layout – 980px;
* Tablet layout – 768px;
* Smartphone layout (landscape) – 480px;
* Smartphone layout (portrait) – 320px.

Google Analytics allows you to track visits from various devices.

Vibrant Red Website Templates

Red is the color of passion, energy and excitement, love, happiness, courage. A stimulating color, red suggests vigor, power and strength and is used effectively in many websites, combined with grey or white. Red and black make a striking and bold contrast. Red is also used as an effective accent color in website design, especially in ‘Buy Now’ buttons that stimulate action. Featured here are a range of red website templates using CSS, Flash, PRO, JavaScript Animated and HTML5.