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Logo Templates to Stimulate Your Imagination

A logo becomes the visual shorthand through which a brand is recognized and interacted with by its audience. The dictionary meaning of a logo is a symbol, sign, or emblem.   A good logo is simple, distinctive, memorable, enduring, relevant and …

Distinctive Yellow Website Templates

Distinctive Yellow Website Templates

Yellow Website Templates represent one of the most popular colors that are used to enhance the visitor’s interest. Liveliness, happiness, energy – all these feelings are caused by projects that are based on yellow templates because yellow is known as the most effective attention grabber. Using yellow website templates for online project, you support the comfortable effect that creates your site.

Colors make us feel a certain way and yellow web templates are ideal for creating the positive tone of your web presence and making it impressive. You are welcome to browse our collection of yellow website templates and add the energetic atmosphere to your online project.

Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle Website Templates

Artistic Jigsaw Puzzle Website Templates include responsive templates, HTML5, CSS & jQuery website templates, single page website templates, Flash templates, ecommerce website templates, wordpress themes, Joomla templates, Facebook templates and more!

Our latest templates are on the cutting edge of web design and technology and include amazing features like homepage intro slideshow animations powered by jQuery, interesting page transitions, easy-to-use content management systems for quick updates and revisions, drop down menus, photo galleries, custom fonts, full screen background images, contact us forms, google maps, social networking icons, rollover effects, photo galleries and more!

Awesome 3D Flash Website Templates

These amazing 3D flash photo galleries are created with the PaperVision 3D engine – An actionScript-3-based product that brings interactivity and 3D into what has earlier been a simple Flash website. Check out these awesome 3D Flash photo gallery templates and get inspired!

Vibrant Red Website Templates

Red is the color of passion, energy and excitement, love, happiness, courage. A stimulating color, red suggests vigor, power and strength and is used effectively in many websites, combined with grey or white. Red and black make a striking and bold contrast. Red is also used as an effective accent color in website design, especially in ‘Buy Now’ buttons that stimulate action. Featured here are a range of red website templates using CSS, Flash, PRO, JavaScript Animated and HTML5.

Cool Animation and Transition Effects Using Masking in Flash – Tutorials

Cool Animation and Transition Effects Using Masking in Flash

Check out these tutorials on creating awesome image animation and transition effect using masking in Flash. You will find page roll effect, burning image effect, horizontal blinds, checkboard effects, lighting effects, water ripple effects, outline effects and more!

Gorgeous Page Roll Image Transition Effect in Flash

Creating Page Curl Transition

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a gorgeous page roll image transition effect using masking in Adobe Flash.

Exciting Facebook Flash CMS Templates

Exciting Facebook Flash CMS Templates

Get ready for excitement! Present yourself with flair on Facebook, your favorite social networking site. Get a full-fledged, eye-catching, arresting Flash website delivered within your Facebook page – with an easy-to-use Facebook Flash CMS Template.

Outline Animation Effect in Flash

Outline Animation Effect in Flash

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an outline animation effect for an image and then the image filling the outline using advance masking effects.

Best 3D & Carousel Flash & XML Photo Galleries

Best 3D & Carousel Flash & XML Photo Galleries

Here is an awesome collection of 3D and carousel photo galleries to download and use for to create outstanding galleries. These are dynamic image/video galleries, interactive & fully customizable.

Best Flash Animated Backgrounds

Best Animated Flash Backgrounds

Awesome action script powered Flash animated background designs from abstract waves, bubbles, sun rays, clouds, snowflakes, blurry lights to particle backgrounds, falling diamonds, fairy dust, fireflies, water effects and more, you will find everything you need with this useful collection Flash background animations.

Learn How To Create a Rotating 3D Planet in Flash

Creating Realistic 3D Planet

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a realistic 3D earth rotating effect using masking effect in Flash.

Best Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates

Best Flash Photo Gallery Website Templates

These are the best and most unique dynamic Flash Photography and portfolio website templates. These templates are perfect for photographers who want to showcase their photography in a unique and innovative way and wedding websites to show their wedding photos or even for model portfolio websites.

Striped Transition Effect Tutorial in Flash

Advance Masking Effect for Image Transition!

Learn how to create a unique striped box transition effect using advanced masking effects in Flash.

Best Heart Flash Animations – Ecards, Backgrounds & Special Effects

Best Heart Flash Animations

Check out this awesome collection of beautiful heart animations created in Flash. These can be used for Valentine’s Day Ecards, backgrounds, background frame & border animations, animations, wedding invitations or any romantic project. These include amazing special effects, sounds and include the editable .fla or xml files to easily customize the animations. Use these Flash files to create awesome animations!