We invite you to submit a Guest Post to our blog.  The Entheos blog is a source of web design and graphic design ideas, inspiration, tutorials and useful resources.  Our target audience is graphic designers, web designers and developers, small business owners, freelancers and creative people everywhere.

Articles should be helpful, informative and well-written.

Topics we are interested in:

  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Web development
  • Social media marketing


How to write for us  

We have two options for you.  You can send us your guest post related to graphic or web design for approval and once it is approved you pay a fee of $199 to get it published on our site!  Follow our guidelines given below when submitting your post.

We could also write content for your resource for $349. This could be in the form of a website review or a roundup of templates or design resources.

If you’d like to share your Guest Post idea with us before you send content, you can do that.  We will review it and get back to you.  Just use the contact form below and pitch your idea to us.

We also accept links on our existing blog posts if they are related to the blog post and it is a high-quality resource that will be useful to our viewers. Do contact us for that as well.  The link will be added at the bottom of the blog post and will cost $99.

Submit a guest post to the Entheos Blog

Sponsored article – $199

If you have a graphic or web design business or service to promote, this option allows you to have some self-promotional links. Please ensure that your article offers useful content to our readers.

Basic guidelines:

  1. Your article must be 100% unique and exclusive to the EntheosWeb Blog. No plagiarised or duplicate content.
  2. It must be related to graphic  or web design or social media marketing.  We also allow SEO and Social Media Marketing and video design. You need to let us know your post ides so we can choose what would best suit our website and audience.
  3. Article length must be minimum 750 words, free of grammatical errors.  No maximum word limit.
  4. Up to 2 related links – Links should be related to the topic and web design or graphic design. For roundups of useful design resources we can allow more than 2 links.  You will need to let us know what your post is about and we will let you know how many links can be added.
  5. Sources for the facts and figures published, quotes and photos must be correctly attributed in the article.
  6. Add supporting images with appropriate attribution to add to the visual appeal of the post. We also need a featured image for the post.
  7. Your article must NOT contain any references or links to dating, gambling, pornography and violence, racism or other issues we don’t believe in.
  8. We DO NOT accept articles on CBD, Adult, Casino, Loans, PayDay, Crypto, Vaping etc.
  9. Submit your document in Word, .docx or .doc format. All images must be sent separately as well.

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