We have collected some of our best templates that use vertical, horizontal or parallax scrolling to create smart & unique single page website designs. These templates have all the pages loaded in the homepage itself so each page is not loaded separately, it is faster and looks really creative and innovative.

Single Page HTML Website Template Designs Using Vertical, Horizontal or Parallax Scrolling

Template 39428 – Hit Design Website Template 

Template 39294 – Idesign Studio Website Template

Template 39327 – Aligo Deas Website Template 

Template 39295 – Creative Single Page HTML5 Website Template With Vertical Scrolling And Smart Typography 

Single Page Dragon Design Studio Website Template 

Dance Studio Single Page Website Template With Parallax Scrolling Effect 

Template 39072 – Creo Design Website Template 

Template 38916 – Awesome Single Page Website Design With Parallax Scrolling 

Template 38724 – Design Studio Website Template 

Template 38698 – Creative Design Single Page HTML5 Website Template With Parallax Scrolling 

We hope you enjoyed this collection of website templates using scrolling to go to different pages of the site. Do write in with your comments and feedback. We’d love to hear from you.


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4 responses to “Super Single Page HTML5 Website Templates Using Parallax Scrolling”

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks for sharing this collection of single page based website template examples. I personally really like this style of website layout, given that that it prevents the need from having to individually navigate between pages. Although this can cause another issue of creating extra long pages, when it is creatively carried out and combined with a clean layout I find information is much more digestible when compared to multipage based sites.

  2. Nice collection and design ideas as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If anyone is interested have a look too at our template – Slidexy: http://www.tallhat.com/templates/slidexy/ – it uses jQuery bi-directional scrolling and is ‘responsive’ as it also presents the same content well on iPhone and iPad. It ‘spreads’ the content for 2D scrolling using JS, then on iPhone it presents the same content in a much simpler vertical column format.

  4. Very good article. Great.

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