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ONE by TemplateMonster Review – The All-in-One Membership

ONE by TemplateMonster - The All in One Membership

What Is Under the Hood of ‘the All-in-One’ Subscription Service

Subscriptions are on trend today. More and more businesses and companies are turning to various subscription-based offerings. The web design industry is not an exception.

According to the US retail businesses stats, repeat customers account for 41 percent of revenue. This powerful figure shows a subscription-based model is worth your attention since it’s beneficial for your business. The subscriptions related to web developing/designing are particularly topical. There are tons of affordable yet juicy offerings in this business area. ONE Web Development Kit Membership is one of them.

Template Monster Subscription Service

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  2. Pricing: Very Affordable!
  3. Impressive Assortment of Digital Items
  4. Exceptional Opportunity to Run a Webshop
  5. Reliable 24/7 Customer Support
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ONE Subscription: ‘All-in-One’ Service

Why Choose One

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. The ONE subscription service is quality and affordable and this is a priceless mix. How often do you face such a combination? Unfortunately, it occurs more rarely than we would desire. However, this plan is a pleasing exclusion.

ONE is an extensive set of thought-out, high-quality products and services needed to create a full-fledged website. High quality is a ticket to success in the world of web design. This subscription plan includes:

  • Seamless access to more than 8k top-notch digital products: themes, templates, plugins, graphics, etc (including unrivaled WP theme – Monstroid2).
  • 24/7 professional support.
  • Regular monthly updates of skins.
  • Money-back (see conditions below).
  • Limitless downloads of products under the subscription plan.

Impeccably crafted templates allow both professionals and newbies to make less effort for achieving massive progress. With cost-effective ONE subscription service, web designers have a unique chance to create masterpieces using an unlimited pack of top-rated tools. Let’s dive into this plan’s details.

Pricing: Very Affordable!

One Price
This factor is crucial, no doubt. How much money are you ready to pay for an ever-growing collection of premium digital products? Fortunately, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg. The ONE subscription service plan costs just $229 per year. In other words, paying only $19 per month you receive limitless access to an outstanding pack of best-selling items.

Using them with the ability to download them as many times as you need, you can create as many web projects as you wish. Besides, this subscription plan is more affordable than one best-selling feature-rich eCommerce template which will cost you about $139.

Impressive Assortment of Digital Items

Impressive Assortment of Digital Items

What does ONE Web Development Kit Membership offer? This annual subscription provides access to 8,500+ top-rated themes, templates, landing pages, plugins, and graphics (including most desired flagship products). All of them are delivered by reliable vendors in the marketplace. With the subscription service, you have the opportunity to run a website within hours.

Whatever online business project you are about to launch, you would find the appropriate template in the impressive ONE’s membership gallery. It includes all the possible CMSs, and specifically eCommerce platforms. That said, if you need to run a personal photographer blog or set up a full-fledged e-store, you will find the related item in your subscription plan.

Additionally, ONE membership provides users with a wide assortment of useful extensions and plugins to enhance your online [project to the full. With an impressive collection of graphics, PowerPoint templates, logos, and illustrations, your business will shine on the web. Thankfully, subscribers can download and install the items from the service as many times as they want.

Exceptional Opportunity to Run a Webshop

One Ecommerce

As already said, ONE membership comes with a rich variety of eCommerce themes based on different platforms. According to various digital stats, most retailers opt for the Shopify eCommerce platform because of its simplicity and efficiency. Subscribers will be able to choose the most desired CMS since there are many WooCommerce/ Magento/ Shopify themes and OpenCart/ PrestaShop/ VirtueMart templates.

Using a premium e-commerce template from the ONE membership plan, you will be relieved of the problem of creating a digital store from scratch. The subscription comes with fully-equipped items including tax rates, shipping fees, and different payment methods. To run a powerful store on the web will take less than 24 hours. It may well be true!

Reliable 24/7 Customer Support

One Support

Since all the items included in the ONE membership plan are clean-coded, throughout and easy to customize, you won’t have trouble working with them. However, if you have any kind of question related to any item the plan has, you can rely on the comprehensive 24/7 support.

Wrapping up

ONE by TemplateMonster is the ultimate solution to build any digital project without effort. It suits both pro and novice because the service includes only smartly designed items. Working with them is a pleasure. I’m sure, for many web designers and developers as well as business owners, this subscription will serve an all-in-one solution for creating a website as soon as possible. The ONE’s package is expanded monthly, so you will have access to a wide assortment of different digital products.

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