Bellaina Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme with Property Locator,  Power Builder, Content Modules, 25+ Widgets

Bellaina Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme is custom-built for real estate agencies. Add properties to your site and clients can find the real estate properties they need through search filters and categories.

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Bellaina comes with a property locator with preview markers on a map. Visitors can leave property submissions by filling out a form and each submission can be assigned to one of your agents.

Content modules enable you to add multiple content types to your site, from text boxes to sliders, carousels, images, blurbs, countdown timers, map, calls to action and more.

Built with Power Builder, Bellaina lets you build pages easily without writing a single line of code.

25+ widgets, drag-and-drop functionality, presets and configuration options allow you to customize the design to your preferences.

Showcase your projects on a the Project page with categories and promote properties on the Blog with helpful tips on real estate.   Use sidebar and layout variations and post formats with images, galleries,  videos, audios, quotes or links.

Template 58666 - Bellaina Real Responsive WordPress Theme with Property Locator, Power Builder, Content Modules,


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