A logo becomes the visual shorthand through which a brand is recognized and interacted with by its audience. The dictionary meaning of a logo is a symbol, sign, or emblem.   A good logo is simple, distinctive, memorable, enduring, relevant and versatile (capable of being used in many ways – large and small, black and white and color, in vertical and horizontal formats,  on moving vehicles and on large billboards, company signboards and stationary).  A good logo stands the test of time and reflects the qualities and values of a company, rather than its products.

Here is a cool collection of logo templates using abstract art, graphics, icons, geometric design, traditional crests and  illustration to create a distinctive look and feel for a brand. These logos are print-ready, 100% vector, resizable, editable, customizable, available in black and white and color variations, in AI and EPS file formats. Some include  CDR , JPG and PNG file formats. Enjoy!ARKARNA-PREVIEWBird-abstract-geometricalFitness_Club_logoabstrakleaf-squarefamily-care-health-logo-previewLOTUS_Image-Preview naturalifepenschoolPixel-Media-Logo-Preview little-fox
soul-fireNordic Financetree-circleparktwirl-peoplesoul-swordroyal-crestdreamy-kidKinger Secure Logo-01thunders-securityfashion-walkLion HeadRoyal_King_logolion-technologyantique-shieldfour-links

smooth-flow-logo Alphamedia-print-and-design

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