Color is an important element in website design as it has psychological and cultural meanings.

Blue is the most popular corporate color, for it has several positive connotations. Blue is a cool, natural color, from the color of the sky, and is universally liked.  It comes in a wide spectrum of shades which gives the designer a lot of room to imaginatively play with the subtle shades of color.

Blue Website Design : The Color of Trust and Loyalty

Blue conveys importance and confidence (think ‘power suits’ of the business world). It conveys loyalty, spirituality, peace, dependability, trustworthiness and security. It is also calming and has an element of spirituality about it. Medium and darker shades of blue are favoured for corporate logos as they are associated with intelligence, unity, conservatism and stability.  Using blue in your website design communicate these positive attributes of your company or product and will create a positive impression on your target consumer and website visitor.

On the other hand, in certain cultures blue is the color of mourning. ‘Feeling blue’ or getting ‘the blues’ expresses sadness, depression, or the lack of strong emotion – dullness, despair, apathy. Teaming the darker and more somber shades of blue with complementary or contrasting colors restores energy and balance to the layout.

Presented below is a selection of professionally designed JavaScript Animated, Joomla, Drupal, CSS, HTML5, PRO and Responsive Website Templates using the color blue in a variety of attractive designs.  Steadfast and strong or light and friendly, blue can be teamed with grey (bankers’ colors) to convey trust and dependability; blue and gold or silver for a premium look;  blue and green for an eco-friendly feel;  blue and white for an airy, summery look;  blue and purple for a feel of royalty;  blue and black for classiness, power, sophistication and style.  Blue can be contrasted judiciously with yellow, red or orange in order to bring excitement, energy or warmth into the layout.

Template 36877 – Circle Design Flash Website Template 

36877 b

Template 36747 – Blue Design Website Template 

36747 bcss

Template 37250 – Blue Ribbon Website Template 

37250 bcss

Template 40927 – Water Theme Park HTML5 Website Design With Image Slideshow – Fresh Blue Color Theme

40927 bcss 40233 b responsive

Template 39517 – Single Page HTML5 Aquarium Website Template

39517 bcss

Template 32473 – Travel Flash Website Template – Circles Design Theme 

32473 b

Deep Blue Website Template

Deep Blue Website Template

Template 34437 – Blue & White Drupal Template 

34437 drupal b

Printing Services Website Template

Printing Services Website Template

Transportation Company Website Template

Transportation Company Website Template

Aquarius Aquarium Website Template

Aquarius Aquarium Website Template

Template 32755 – Bravo Business Joomla Template

32755 joom b

Kitesurfing Club Website Template

Kitesurfing Club Website Template

Template 38425 – Blue & White Website Template 

38425 bcss

Template 35468 – Diving Website Template With Full Screen Background Images and Vertical Scrolling 

35468 2 b

Template 40852 – Portfolio Photography Flash Photo Gallery Template 

40852 b

Template 40150 – Smart Business Website Template 

40150 bcss

Template 37291 – Business Joomla Template With Drop Down Menus – Blue & White Theme 

37291 joom b

Template 40233 – Responsive Business Website Template

40233 rs

4point Communications Website Template

4point Communications Website Template

Template 40747 – Christian & Church Website Template 

40747 rs 40747 b responsive

If you want your website to create a friendly, likeable, calming impression and convey trust and dependability, you can’t go wrong with the color blue.  Choose from many more blue website template templates that have effectively used a variety of shades of blue in the design.

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