This two-sided, bi-fold music brochure template in vibrant colors and graphics is ideal for a music group, music store, dance party, DJ, music fest or girls’ party or special event. It has a floral and colorful theme and can be used for a variety of events. The free download is available in.cdr format.

Free Coreldraw Music Brochure Download

Page size:  8.5 x 11

Fold:  Bi-fold

 Free Music Brochure Download

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7 responses to “Free Coreldraw Music Brochure Download”

  1. Detra says:

    Lovely article, good page template, stick to the great work

  2. Wow! For free! Thank you for this one. Great brochure design.

  3. usha says:

    very nice and useful..Thankyou

  4. usha says:

    very nice and useful. Thank you

  5. solomon okopi says:

    this is sure great. i am hoke 4 life

  6. very artistic work. Great color combination and scheme is very simple and good.

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